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Landrec | Project Management, Product Development, Marketing, and Operations

Startup. Playground Design, Development, and Manufacturing. Listening. Types of Play. Learning. Research. Brand and Product Strategy. Figma. Process Design and Implementation. Problem Solving. Data Management. Airtable. Operating Software Design and Development. Website Design, Development, and Launch. Agencies. Collaborations. Clients. Play Space Designers. Engineers. Budgets. CAD. Contractors. Safety. Compliance. ASTM, CPSC, CPSIA, and ADA. Installation. Plans. Vendor Sourcing and Management. Structural. Metalworkers. Woodworkers. Electrical. Netting. Slides. Bridges. RFP. RFQ. Deadlines. Change Orders. Petco Park. Gallagher Square Renovation.
World Record Breaking. Tony Gwynn Replica Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat.

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